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Private Rental Target Markets: A Comprehensive Spectrum

Throughout our 16 years in the residential rental space, we’ve gained a deep understanding of our customer base and we use those insights to guide our decision-making and drive our organization’s growth. Since our inception, we’ve focused on the workforce housing resident and made it our mission to create a business model that serves their specific needs. Our operations and acquisition strategy are truly built around the preferences of this vital demographic we serve.  

Our CEO and Founder, Anthony Giuffre, is actively involved in the academic side of the real estate industry and uses research and literature to explore the diverse demographics we serve and how we can continue to enhance our best-in-class customer experience.

In collaboration with Grant A. Wilson, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Regina, this article illustrates a rental housing spectrum that goes beyond classifying renters by their length of tenancy and identifies lifestyle, demographics, and value propositions. Through this research, we have identified six distinct groups and the driving factors behind the type of rentals they choose.

Read more on our peer-reviewed findings, published by the International Real Estate Review: 

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