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Leading-Edge Technology Enhances Operations

Avenue Living is embracing state-of-the-art technology to streamline its business, enhancing the management of both its property operations as well as its financials – in one integrated software program.

Yardi, based in Santa Barbara, California, develops and supports investment and property management software for industry-leading companies worldwide.

Jeff Konechny, Data Systems Manager with Avenue Living, said Yardi is the industry leader in property management software.

“It’s an integrated solution. It merges our business with our financial reporting data, it has the ability to manage our facilities and it includes several functions we can add into it that will cover property management from top to bottom,” said Konechny.

With company operations continuing to expand, the timing is perfect to introduce the cutting-edge software.

Konechny said the company is on an explosive growth curve.

“Our previous system did an amazing job getting us to this point; the pace of Avenue Living’s growth and innovation required a new solution,” he said, adding that Yardi will lead to better efficiencies company-wide and to better functionality. “It gives us the ability to do more things in a more efficient manner.”

The COVID-19 crisis added a layer of challenge when introducing the new Yardi system to the hundreds of employees at the company.

“But we pivoted really quickly, as we have an entrepreneurial mindset and a nimble culture,” said Konechny. “We put together an online virtual classroom for our teams in our field. And we’re constantly on webinars reaching out to our people.”

“A lot of people have put a lot of work into it this launch. It’s a big change for our team, but an exciting one – and we are fully ready as a team to adopt this new technology.”

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