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Avenue Living Asset Management Announces Successful Equity Raise and Milestone $3.55 Billion in Assets Under Management

Calgary-based Avenue Living Asset Management, announced today its Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust has raised $103 million in equity since December 2021. Beginning with an original expansion target offering of $60 million, the allocation of this close to a series of accretive purchases, brings the Canadian alternative asset manager from $3.25 billion to over $3.5 billion in assets under management in only two months.

According to Jason Jogia, Chief Investment Officer at Avenue Living, “this strong investor interest demonstrates confidence in Avenue Living’s uniquely designed, vertically integrated investment platform.”

“We are very excited about the timing of this accretive capital raise, and what it does for the execution of our continued growth and diversification activities. It builds on a carefully defined consolidation strategy focused on multi-family, low-to-medium density workforce housing apartment assets across the North American Heartland,” says Jogia. “These funds continue to support and accelerate further acquisitions, many of which are already in action in key regions across Canada and the United States.”

The Core Trust focuses on multi-family assets and delivers institutional-level servicing to North America’s most essential workers. The fund provides investors with an opportunity to own real assets that are not correlated to the public markets and delivers a valuable hedge against inflation.

“Right now, investors are shying away from market volatility,” says Anthony Giuffre, Avenue Living’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “An offering like the Core Trust is an ideal way for them to invest in real estate without actively managing the assets themselves. We are thrilled about the response to this capital raise as it will help us actualize our growing pipeline of North American acquisitions, allow us to gain significant market share, and provide investors with geographic diversification at a time when housing affordability is in high demand.”

Founded on the principle of investing in the everydayAvenue Living focuses on opportunities that are often overlooked by others, having grown to over $3.5 billion in aggregate assets under management across four private real estate investment mandates. The Avenue Living team includes over 750 professionals with expertise in real estate operations and transactions, property management, research, investment origination, and capital markets, as well as a suite of subject matter experts to support Avenue Living’s growing portfolio of multi-family residential, commercial, agricultural land, and self-storage assets. In addition to over 14,000 multi-family units located in Canada and the United States, Avenue Living and its related entities own over 450,000 square feet of commercial space, 48,000 acres of productive farmland, and more than 2,700,000 square feet of self-storage space.

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